Meet our Merchants: Corney & Barrow

February 07, 2018

Each month, The Week Wines brings you six curated wines from one of our chosen merchants. Our February offer is brought to you by Corney & Barrow, so we caught up with Jamie to talk everything wine. 

Your Name: Jamie Morris
Merchant: Corney & Barrow
Your position at Corney & Barrow: London On Trade Sales
Describe Corney & Barrow in three words: Passionate, honest, loyal

How did you end up working in wine?
After finishing university I worked in a couple of bars to support a bit of voluntary work whilst I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Whilst working at The Ubiquitous Chip in Glasgow I met an American sommelier (now Head Sommelier) and we got on like a house on fire. At some point or another whilst sat at the bar, we agreed he’d teach me about wine and I’d teach him about beer. However to be honest I only had a very base level knowledge on beer and The Chip had an incredible wine list so it was no surprise we ended up predominantly chatting about wine. I decided I’d give wine a go and applied successfully for the Majestic Graduate Scheme down in London.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I think a lot of people would say the product but for me it has to be the people. It might sound quite obvious, but people who work in the drinks industry are generally pretty sociable, chatty types. I’ve made some great friends through working in wine.

What’s your go-to wine?
Anything made from Chardonnay.

What’s the most impressive wine you’ve tried?
For me, you can only truly appreciate a wine when you visit where it’s made and obtain a full picture of how the contents within the bottle are made. This means that it would have to be Salon 1997, which I tried in the cellars of Champagne Salon. It completely blew me away - the elegance, the complexity and the sheer deliciousness of it.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 
I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit most continents and experience life in many different cultures. However South America is one big glaring gap in my travels so far and I have a long-term ambition of spending a year exploring the continent with nothing more than a backpack and a motorbike. I love an adventure and there’s nothing like the freedom that travelling in your own vehicle gives you. Plus - great food and a stunning diversity of scenery, cultures and climates - what’s not to like?!

You can invite three people to your dinner party - who do you choose? 
I’m really not one who puts much stall in celebrity so I’d much rather have three of my best friends round, but if I had to choose it would be Stephen Fry, Andrew Flintoff and Naomi Klein. I think there would be plenty to talk about with those three!

And finally, what would be on the menu?
I’m a big fan of shared meals where everyone can dip in and out and eat at their own pace. I think the informality and intimacy makes people feel at ease and facilitates conversation. I also love middle-eastern/Mediterranean food so I’d do a mezze with all the good things such as kebabs, falafel, dolmades, halloumi, tabbouleh, flatbreads etc and a range of homemade dips. I’ve done it before and it finds works well as even if people don’t like one thing they’ll like another.

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