Despite the considerable disruption to daily life we are all enduring, one bright spot is the opportunity to consume wines at home: either treasures in the cellar or, more likely, from the expanding number of offerings from wine merchants. Robin Davis of Swig has been a trailblazer in offering small parcels of under-the-radar wines that deliver outstanding value for money. With my current selection, he has even managed to make me reconsider my usual scepticism of what people call “natural wines”, which, taken literally, would mean producing vinegar. In this case, though, it is an astounding wine with purity and power. There is also a Riesling that shows why many wine lovers consider it to be the greatest white grape variety of them all, and a Nebbiolo from northern Italy that wins on elegance rather than concentration. Let’s hope that the following year offers more hope and pleasure than the current one; regardless, these wines will help tide you over until normality returns.

Bruce Palling


Prices shown below are per case of 12 bottles. Wines are also available in a 12 bottle mixed case (2 of each of the wines), excellently priced at £158.90 – a saving of £34.90. It’s a chance for you to try them all, and is the most popular choice with readers of The Week.