Welcome to The Week Wines - a note from our wine editor, Bruce Palling

Our wine editor, Bruce Palling on this month's selection from our partner Swig.

Wine lovers tend to be set in their ways: once they discover what they prefer in terms of grapes or regions, they stick within those parameters. I’m as guilty of this as the next person. That’s why we should all be grateful for wine merchants like Robin Davis at Swig. He has made it his lifelong passion to hunt down obscure wines that excite his palate and are properly priced. I love all of these wines from South Africa, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal and France, but especially the Soli pinot noir and the Papegaai white. It is stimulating to explore the new frontiers of wine making – and all of these delightful wines are generously priced, at less than what is available elsewhere in the market.